The Missing Link

Obama has a missing link in his makeup. He is lacking a sensitivity to the will of the people that is imperative to any sucessful politician. He has been so inculcated, as have all other harvard graduates, that the so-called common man is toi be ignored as to having any worthwhile addition to the progress of mankind. Obama is a Muslim at heart, a socialist in his philiosophy and a Marxist in his desire to create a fully controlled population by governmental edict.
Obama is a coward inasmuch as he will not face the fact that the majority of Americans are religious believing, moral and industrious people. they are not the subservient populace that Harvard educators contend in every instructional breath.
I will attempt to direct a more closely observed tracking on the trail of socialistic education that he, Obama, and many other Harvard progeny have been subjected to. As a result, we are heading for economic disaster, a restriction on religious and personal freedoms and a dark age of inconsistant judicial review unless we act and act now.


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